SOC1 Recommended Attitudes & Conference Meetings

Hi, please find below the Left Unity recommended attitudes to the motions contained in SOC1.

May 2018 Broadside – Recommended SOC1 Attitudes

As always, we’ll be holding a meeting for Left Unity members only at 745pm on Sunday 20th May at the Jurys
Inn, Brighton. This meeting will discussed recommended attitudes on emergency motions, as well as any changes that you may wish to make to the attitudes in the Broadside above.

Following the closed meeting, we’ll be holding the annual R&C Left Unity social at 9pm on Sunday 20th May at the Jurys Inn, Brighton. As we’ve done for the last couple of years, we’re holding a pub quiz along with a raffle. If you would like to donate a prize, please let a member of the Steering Committee know. This meeting will be
open to non-members so please feel free to bring others along.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Just a brief note to say thanks to everyone who voted for LU in the elections. We’re happy to say that we did well in the elections and also feel that conference went well. We’ll put out a proper post-conference report shortly but don’t want to dwell too much on it as we all have a hell of a lot of work to do this year, particularly over BoF. We’ll be in touch with everyone shortly to give our thoughts on what we do going forward, but hope that all those who attended conference had a good time, that we’ll already to take the fight-back to the employer and again, to say thanks for supporting LU.

LU Conference Meeting & Social

Just a quick note to let everyone know that R&C LU’s closed conference meeting will take place on Sunday 22nd May at 8pm in the Albion. This meeting will discuss the LU recommended position on SOC1, along with any emergency motions. Please note, this meeting is open to LU members only.

Following this, at 915, LU will hold a pub quiz which is open to members and non-members alike. After covering our costs, we’ll donate half of any money raised to the cancer ward which treated our friend & comrade, Anna Owens, with the remainder going back into LU funds.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

LU Conference Attitudes

Just to let everyone know that we’ve published two new editions of our newsletter, Broadside. The first (click here) gives an update on the BoF Campaign, whilst the second (click here) gives an overview of the Left Unity recommended conference attitudes.

You can see all of our Broadsides from 2014 onwards by visiting the Broadside section of the website.


Welcome to the new PCS R&C Left Unity website. Through this website, we aim to bring you news & information about the goings-on within the Left Unity R&C Group, as well as providing updates on our campaigns, along with campaign materials and wider political analysis. Whilst this website is maintained by the R&C LU Steering Committee, we would encourage any LU members to write articles for this website, which we’ll be happy to post (subject to editorial approval of course!).

In the meantime, we’d encourage you to peruse the website and in particular, for more information about what we’ve been doing over the last year, please see our previous editions of our regular newsletter, Broadside.