2019 GEC Nominations

As we enter the branch nomination period, we’re asking all branches to nominate the Left Unity slate ahead of the 2019 GEC elections. We will continue to provide updates and information throughout the PCS nomination & election period, but if you’d like more information on our candidates, please visit the GEC Election pages on this site. Many thanks for your continued support.

2019 lu slate final

Message of Support – John Davidson

John Davidson, R&C Group Deputy Secretary has, in a personal capacity, written a message of support for the GEC Left Unity candidates. Left Unity would like to congratulate John on his re-election as PCS R&C DGS.

” In these union elections members have a real choice – a choice between the Left Unity candidates with a proven track record of working hard and winning for members and our opponents, who have no such record.

In recent years, it was Left Unity GEC members who successfully won the end of outsourcing in Benefits and Credits, bringing work and hundreds of workers back into the civil service.

It was Left Unity members who won new jobs to HMRC in the face of Brexit, with over 5000 posts to be created up and down the UK, starting with recent intakes in Compliance and Customer Services.

And, it was Left Unity members who saved offices in Ipswich and Belfast when the department wanted to close them.

Almost every decent collective agreement and successful campaign over the last decade has had Left Unity members behind it, from opposing security guard privatisation in 2007, winning the Contact Centre MIS agreement in 2009 to halting telephone work privatisation in 2012.

So, use your choice wisely in these elections and vote for the Left Unity candidates – they have the track record and will work hard to win for members.”

Message of Support – Lorna Merry

Lorna Merry, R&C Group President has, in a personal capacity, written a message of support for the R&C GEC Left Unity candidates. Left Unity would like to congratulate Lorna on her re-election as PCS R&C Group President.

“It’s an honour to continue to serve members as your Group President for another year.

I’m proud to be part of a strong and talented Left Unity team that is committed to fighting for a better deal for HMRC members. Our candidates in this election reflect the diversity of this department and understand the challenges facing all areas of HMRC. Please give them your support.”

Revenue & Customs GEC Elections

Left Unity would like to thank all branches and reps who nominated LU candidates. We are delighted that Lorna Merry (President), Hector Wesley (Deputy President), John Davidson (Deputy Group Secretary) & Hamish Drummond (Treasurer) have all been elected unopposed, ensuring the Revenue & Customs GEC will have the strong leadership it needs to fight for PCS’ members interests during these difficult times.

We are obviously keen to elect as many Left Unity candidates as possible to the remaining positions on the GEC and would ask everyone to vote and campaign for the following candidates…

Thanks again to everyone who supports Left Unity and together we can ensure that we elect the full LU slate to the GEC for 2018/ 19.