Why Vote LU?



HMRC are coming after your terms and conditions. You need and deserve a pay rise. But not at the expense of working longer hours, evening and weekend working, and giving up flexi if you have it.

PCS will soon be balloting for action to get a decent pay rise without unacceptable strings. You should vote in the ballot and vote for action. Together we can win better pay.

But if you want a Union that can resist these attacks, you also need to vote in the Group Elections.

At the moment you are represented by experienced activists who are capable of standing up to HMRC management and defending your interests. You need to keep it that way.

We ask that you judge us on our record:

Pay: Together with branches, we’ve ran an inspirational campaign on pay andthe best ballot turnout in the history of PCS, with R&C Group achieving one of the highest turnouts. Our priority now is to build on this and get every member to vote so we can smash the threshold next time around

Building our Future: We’ve saved offices that the government wanted to close in locations as far-flung as Ipswich and Porthmadog and others will now be open until at least 2025, and could stay open permanently. Your Union will back members who want to take action to defend their jobs. We must also get the best terms for those who want to leave HMRC. The current Union leadership defeated the Government in the courts and is now back in talks to defend the level of pay-outs.

Performance & Attendance Management: We’ve successfully campaigned for the abolition of the hated PMR guided distribution and achieved concessions on the draconian Attendance policy . We will continue to fight for fair & equitable systems that don’t discriminate.

Privatisation: We will keep up the fight the against privatisation of our security guards, just as we successfully fought off attempts to privatise them in 2007, stopped the privatisation of our Contact Centres in 2012 and brought tax credit work back from private sector company Concentrix in 2017.

We all know how hard it can be at work – and winning change is never easy. We have members in most branches of the union and candidates standing in these elections are based in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.candidates reflect the diversity of our membership and have both the enthusiasm of youth and the benefit of decades of experience.

In contrast, the small group who oppose us in this election are based in just three branches in the North West of England. Most of what they are calling for is already Union policy. Where it differs there is no explanation of how that could be achieved – for example their call for a pay rise of up to 28% and a cut in the working week to 30 hours.

Their election material is damaging to the Union, calls for a member led union imply that someone other than the members makes the decisions. That is untrue. PCS is the one of the most democratic union’s in the UK. Every year, any PCS member can submit a motion to their AGM and debate the motions put forward by other branches at their mandate meeting. Members in each branch will then elect delegates to represent their views at the union conference which is where PCS policy is ultimately decided.

A vote for the Left Unity candidates is a vote for a collective with the experience and track record to continue the fightback against the Tories so please consider:

Nominating all Left Unity candidates at your Branch Annual General Meeting

Joining Left Unity as a member by e-mailing randclu@gmail.com and play your part in the biggest, independent, democratic platform in PCS

R&C Left Unity is a democratic, socialist organisation represented at every level of the union, from workplace reps to the National Executive Committee, and we organise to ensure the PCS remains a fighting, campaigning union

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