Why Vote LU?

PCS Left Unity has been leading the fight against austerity since its inception. Work done by Left Unity activists has demonstrated that the annual tax gap (which currently sits at around £119bn per annum) is significantly higher than the UK’s annual budget deficit. Left Unity believes that by closing the tax gap, the UK can turn its deficit into a surplus, thus taking away the government’s excuse for austerity policies and all the unfair & damning cuts that come with it.

As such, a central tenet of Left Unity’s programme is to fight for a fully staffed & resourced HMRC – so that HMRC can meet its obligations to collect all tax that is due, as well as being able to identify all tax that is evaded & avoided and serve taxpayers who currently have to wait unacceptable amounts of time to have telephone calls and letters answered.

As a fully resourced HMRC would require investment, Left Unity is wholly opposed to the department’s Building Our Future plans. We feel that BoF not only creates confusion and distress for hardworking staff who don’t know if they’ll still be in a job in five years time, but also that communities from Bathgate to Bootle will be devastated by the loss of significant numbers of jobs in their areas. Addtionally, we do not believe that this plans will allow HMRC to perform better than it is at the moment – indeed, like many of you reading, we think this will significantly decrease HMRC’s ability to fulfill its obligations to taxpayers and make the UK’s economic situation worse rather than better.

Other issues, such as PMR and attendance management all feed into this – Left Unity believes that all of these things are designed to make it easier for HMRC to dismiss staff. Left Unity candidates have the experience, dedication and knowhow PCS needs to halt the department’s plans in their and as such, we would ask all of you reading to support Left Unity candidates in this election.

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